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Pasture To Plate

According to an article on, food in the United States travels an average of 1,500 miles from farm to consumer. This statistic highlights the fact that it’s not always easy to know where our most basic food staples come from. Convenience often becomes the most important underlying factor, but with the power of technology and a growing interest in local food, individuals and families have more choices than ever before. That’s why Augustus Ranch is your personal rancher. Visit our online butcher shop to see the hand selected meats and bundles we have available.

Shipped To Your Front Door

Creating an account on our website is free and will grant you access to a variety of hand selected meats and bundles. We ship packages every week via UPS, guaranteeing our meat on your door step in a timely manner. Once you place an order, we will confirm the shipping details so that you can know when to expect delivery. You can also expect to receive a UPS tracking number once the order is shipped. All meat is shipped frozen in an insulated cooler to ensure proper temperature and consistency. For the best cost savings, purchase one of our bulk meat shares!

Weekend Farmer’s Market in Austin, Texas

Augustus Ranch currently participates in the Saturday Lakeline Farmer’s Market every week from 9am to 1pm. This market, located in Northwest Austin, is a fantastic year round market with many great local vendors. Here you can buy individual cuts of meat while speaking with our butcher and meat company manager Kent Schoberle. We will also be starting the Sunday Mueller Farmer’s Market in late April 2017 which will also include hot food! Stay tuned for more details and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.


Do you ship outside of Texas?

Yes, we can ship nation wide via UPS to any end consumer.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is based on standard UPS Ground rates and will be calculated at the time of checkout.

Will you ship just one item? Like a steak or pound of ground beef?

We do not currently offer singular items to be shipped. If you are not happy with our hand selected bundle options, we do have a custom bundle option with a minimum purchase amount of $175. Some items have limited availability, but we will do our best to get you exactly what you’re after. To request a custom bundle, complete this form.

Is your beef 100% grass fed?

Our cows have fresh forage and grass underneath their feet 365 days a year. They are never removed from our pastures and placed into a feedlot type environment. Additionally, we offer a free choice finishing ration to our animals in the last 45-60 days to ensure a consistent, year round product which does contain some grain. This proprietary finishing ration DOES NOT include corn, soy, or animal by-products. This is one of the biggest reasons that our beef is good enough for some of the best chefs in Texas while still containing a healthy fat profile of Omega3’s and CLA. Our goal is a chef quality product with the benefits of grass fed beef.

You state no antibiotics or hormones, ever. What happens if an animal gets sick?

That’s right, the animals in our meat program, including our breeding animals, never receive antibiotics or hormones, ever. If an animal gets sick and needs antibiotics to survive, we will take the advice of our vet and treat that animal accordingly. However, this animal will no longer be a part of our meat program in any way. We are committed to this standard of practice to help ensure a clean product.

Do you have a co-op program?

If you are interested in starting a co-op with your family, friends, and network, please email for more details. We do offer discounts on bulk orders and would be happy to create options based on your needs.

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