Our Story

We are fourth generation ranchers managing nearly 5,000 acres of land in South Central Texas.

The Legacy of Augustus Ranch truly begins around 1890…

Texas native, August Kaspar, son of a Lutheran missionary from Switzerland, moved to Gonzales county as a young man. He found work as a ranch hand, and eventually bought 100 acres of land to raise animals and feed his growing family.

The Story Goes…

As Texas grew and barbed wire replaced slick wire, August took the discarded worthless wire and began making baskets with which to carry hay and discarded corn shucks. It wasn’t long before his neighbors were buying baskets from him as fast as he could hand twist them under the shade of his oak tree. By 1898, August Kaspar had created a business that continues to live on well over one hundred years later. His legacy has been passed down for over four generations. His love for the land and an agrarian lifestyle has been passed on to his great grandson Dennis. Hence the name Augustus Ranch. The way we see it, August plus us is Augustus.

We Are Augustus Ranch, Your Personal Rancher

Our family works hard to bring you a primitively modern experience at an affordable price. Dennis and son Dennis Chase continue to work with the land while wife and mother Cordelia helps to keep things running smoothly from day to day. We are passionate about living an agrarian lifestyle and strive to create great relationships with our customers.

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