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Our Commitment & Values

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Our proprietary, custom finishing and processing yields consistent year round results. Our goal is to create a chef quality product without compromising the nutritional integrity. Some of the best chefs in the state have worked with our meat. Read more…

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Our 100% pasture raised beef and forrest paddock pork go beyond all natural. We’ve lab tested our meat to verify an increased omega 3 content coupled with a low omega 3:6 ratio. This is just one of the aspects that makes for a healthy product. Read more…

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Ranching has the potential to improve or detract from an ecosystem. Simply put, our management practices emphasize soil building, regenerative grazing, and carbon sequestration. Conservation is at the core of our beliefs. Read more…

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Our Story

The legacy of Augustus Ranch truly begins around 1890 when Texas native, August Kaspar, moved to Gonzales County as a young man and found employment as a ranch hand. We are the fourth generation, striving to continue the agrarian lifestyle.

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